The New Types of Data Centers Are Starting to Catch on in a Big Way

data centerThe tech industry of mobile data center is one of the most fast paced fields in the world. On consideration, most people would be inclined to agree with that idea. However, it becomes a lot more significant as one really looks into the history of civilization. Most activities that people engage in don’t really change all that much over time. To be sure, a hunter will get better results thanks to the use of a rifle over a bow. And modern plumbing is a huge advance over aqueducts. In general, the idea of how one goes about doing something doesn’t really change all that much in most areas of life. The biggest exception is the tech industry. It might only take a decade or less for a few advancements to change the way most people live their lives.

One of the best analogies can be drawn between standard highways and what was once referred to as the information superhighway. The romans used their roads in almost the exact same way that people do today. To be sure, the speed of travel along those roads is quite different. But the general method by which roads are used and the purpose of roads has remained constant for around 2300 years. Saying that’s a rather large amount of time would be a drastic understatement.

Now, to look at the internet one first needs to determine when it came into being. The creation of the first web browser which supported the HTML standard came about around twenty-five years ago. Part of what makes this so impressive is how much the technology has improved. Modern multimedia heavy pages are a long way from the system’s humble beginnings. The reduced size offers some advantages in terms of accessibility. But what really makes the advances so significant is how they’ve impacted the way people use the technologies. This is what really separates the information superhighway from normal highways. Things like roads or water delivery systems haven’t really changed in terms of intent or functionality for a very long time. They improve just up to a certain point and then they’re essentially done. People want to use them in a certain way and progress is measured in terms of how that point is eventually reached.

data centerThe tech sector and especially aspects related to networking is very different. Every new iteration of the technology opens up a whole range of new possibilities. As these are implemented, they, in turn, do the same all over again. And every step of it is impacted by prior discoveries. So one implementation of a new technological breakthrough can increase a production method involved with the next. The immediate impact and the methods by which this occurs can be somewhat difficult to grasp at first. But one need only compare the modern smartphone and a computer or a phone from the 90s to see this the end effect on the process. But what’s often less clear is what’s happening behind the scenes.

The next and most important iteration of the process has to do with micro data centers. Also known as modular data centers, these are a whole new way to implement the standardized backend of the modern web. In many ways, they are to the standard data center what a smartphone is to the older style of phones and computers from the 90s. They’re smaller, to be sure. But the size of a micro data center is only the most visible difference. What really makes the change of size important is how people are making use of it. And, as well, what those changes mean to the software which runs on them.