Paida Lajin Leairning and Practice to Heal Yourself

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Pailala Institute

Paida Lajin is the combined practice of strategic skin slapping and leg stretching to promote Qi flow and improved circulation. This method allows the body to enter a natural healing process, resulting in pain relief and the reduction of symptoms in regard to many common diseases. The Pailala Institute was founded to help individuals learn more about Paida Lajin in order to improve their health and quality of life.

How Paida Lajin Can Help

During the summer Olympic games in 2016, many people watching from around the world noticed that swimmer Michael Phelps had large purple dots on his back. Several media sources reported the dots to be “cupping,” which is a Chinese medicine technique that protects against injury and promotes fast healing. Paida Lajin is an approach that improves on this principle and has healed millions of people in over 30 countries.

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The health problems that can be relieved through the practice of Paida Lajin include:

• Skin issues like hives, lupus, herpes and psoriasis

• Immune system issues such as diabetes and arthritis

• Chronic pain issues in the knees, the neck and the back

• Women’s reproductive issues like painful menstruation, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids

• Acute issues like stomach pain, heart attacks and strokes

Introduction to Paida Lajin

The Pailala Institute offers thorough instruction on Paida Lajin to help individuals build their knowledge about the natural healing method. Two 30-minute video lessons are offered free of charge, and affordable memberships are available to those who wish to go further with the technique and complete the entire series of courses.

• The first video explains that many health problems are caused by insufficient circulation, leading to blockages in the body’s major meridians. When these blockages occur, toxins become trapped, and good nutrients are unable to penetrate to do their job. This leads to pain and disease.

• The second video introduces the basics of Paida Lajin and how it relieves meridian blockages. This lesson needs to be watched as many times as necessary until the person fully understands how to apply the method. It should never be rushed.

After watching the introductory videos, the individual can then create an account on the Pailala Institute website to receive 10 more lessons for free.