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Pailala Institute Memberships

The Pailala Institute offers three levels of membership. The Basic Membership costs $1 each month and offers 13 videos and a newsletter. The Supporting Membership, $1 for the first week and $9 per month afterward, adds 30 podcast episodes and 16 lessons in Paida Lajin basics. The Premier Membership starts at $1 for the first week and then increases to $19 per month. This level of access entitles the person to a large knowledge base and 105 lessons. Every membership level receives periodic discount coupons for the online store.

Pailala Institute Story

The institute was founded and is currently managed by a volunteer group whose focus is on promoting the benefits of natural healing through Pailala Institute. The mission of the Pailala Institute is to move the world in a healthier direction by helping people to heal their own bodies, reducing both the extensive cost of health care and the side effects it can cause. The institute is incorporated in the state of California and is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.