Technology Advancement

A technology changing not one area but the entire world

Changes in processors and expectations have created a situation where servers can now be very small. It might seem like an exaggeration at first. In reality, it really is possible to accomplish the work of a full server room within the space of a portable unit. There’s a lot of obvious advantages for people who intend to use these new types of servers in the same way they did the older models. But it’s a bit like driving a plane around on the road. Sure, it can be done. But there’s far more to be had by taking a new and powerful technology into a new direction.

future tech

It’s speculated that the portable nature of a micro data center is going to be one of the driving forces behind any region pushing themselves into modernity. When people think of the needs of developing regions they usually think of food, clean drinking water, and medicine. Obviously, these are necessities for people working to build up to a modern way of life. However, people would do well to remember the old saying about teaching a man to fish. Give a man a fish and he’ll go to bed with a full stomach and wake up hungry again. Teach a man to fish, or to build a fishing pole, and he’ll be well fed for the rest of his life. And this is where the strength of micro data centers can really shine. Micro modular data centers offer a lot of powerful networking tools into a portable, cost effective and even temperature resilient package. Powerful networking tools are exactly what people need in order to get access to the resources which will show them how to build up the infrastructure they need.

Of course, it’s not just about developing countries. Even rural areas within first world countries are often shockingly isolated. Micro data centers offer similar benefits to these areas as well. It’s an easy way for communities to join together, and for those communities to also tie in with the world as a whole. Both examples also tie into the idea of education. Which itself is something that also finds a lot of potential within developed areas. One can imagine the possibilities of a class having full access to an entire set of servers by simply having their professor bring in a micro data center. It’s a rare chance for people to learn theory and instantly turn it into practice with a full real world example.

future techAs one should already start to see, these types of links go on and on. Every single advantage leads to new possibilities. Those possibilities in turn snowball into something more powerful which opens, even more, doors to the future. Micro data centers aren’t just a device. They’re the fruition of a new way of thinking about networking and technology. The more one uses them the more obvious it is that they’re going to be one of the biggest driving forces of future innovation. In turn innovation in other areas, such as the ARM chips in smartphones, will quickly integrate themselves into micro data centers as well. They’re part of a larger technological infrastructure which is constantly growing in every single area. When one part of that system thrives the benefits quickly transfer to every related implementation.